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To mark Stress Awareness month, we’ve created a carefully curated mix of our top stress-relieving products. While stress can push us to strive for success, it can also have a crippling effect on our body and mood.

When the brain perceives a task as a threat, the body is sent into a fight or flight response. Adrenaline is released and the body experiences a powerful rush of heightened senses and energy to complete the task. As the quick, short-lived adrenaline rush slows; cortisol is pumped into the system for a long-lasting effect. Exhaustion and anxious feelings ensue due to the increase of cortisol, which can lead to sleepless nights and an unbalanced hormonal system. The result…skin irritation, dark circles, and a weakened immune system. Each and every one of our picks is carefully chosen to calm the mind and body, rebalance your skin and to relieve the effects of everyday stressors.