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Wander Wet Bags

Super cute and super common sense, Wander Wet Bags are the best of both worlds, just like you are. With gorgeous prints on the outside and powerful waterproof lining on the inside, their wet bags let you live in the moment and look polished at the same time. Designed and created in Southern California, the company, came about from a need for cute waterproof bags, whether used for suits, wet workout clothes or toiletries!

Eileen, owner and creator, “I found myself searching everywhere for a cute bag that I could put my wet bikini or yoga gear in as I zoomed around town, but everything was so… utilitarian. I decided to create my own super cute wet swimsuit bag that would be beautiful, reusable, reliable, and, most importantly, would make me smile every time I used it.”

Wander Wet Bags | SEAMAKERS & CO.