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Traps Eyewear

Traps Eyewear creates one of a kind classic eyewear, handcrafted in Maine. Formed in 2014, they have been developing beautifully crafted sunglasses using handmade Italian acetate and repurposed oak from salvaged, Maine lobster traps. Eyewear that is a direct interpretation of the New England coastal aesthetic.

Daniel, one of the founders, – “I want to make a product that improves someone’s lifestyle, something that they can hold onto for years. Using repurposed wood from a fisherman that loved what they did to create a product that you can hold, wear, and be a staple for your personal style has been the driving force behind our company.”

Providing a high end, fashion forward product that’s craftsmanship and detail are unmatchable.

Traps Eyewear | SEAMAKERS & CO.