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Sea Bags

Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories that bring their customers great happiness. They believe that sails soak up sun, salt, smiles and adventure.

Each bag is meticulously designed, sewn and finished by skilled Maine craftspeople: world-class sewers, artists, graduates of top-notch design schools. The thought, care and skill that goes into each bag is evident. Carefully selected and cut sails, taking into account unique stitching details, grommet holes and, occasionally, treasures like tell-tales. Each sail panel is completely unique. Hand-splice the rope handles. And skilled stitchers finish the bags with great care.

“Recycled” and “Sustainable” are not afterthoughts. They are the cornerstones of their brand. Their products are upcycled from used sails, and use ecofriendly inks and develop innovative solutions for reducing scrap. Over the past 15 years, they’ve saved over 500 tons of material from going into landfills.

SEA BAGS Handmade Custom Tote Bags From Recycled Sails | SEAMAKERS & CO.