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Lawless Liquid Lipstick

Lawless Liquid Lipstick, make out with this comfortable, luxurious, non-toxic formula has the long-wearing, pigmented benefits of a liquid lipstick without the ultra-drying effect on your lips. ALWAYS FREE of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone and endocrine disrupting ingredients, as well as ingredients that have been linked to the formation of certain cancers.

“Makeup is sexy. Makeup is transformative. Makeup is art. And now, makeup is safe too. We’re committed to providing products that are Always Free of ingredients that harm your skin and your health. With the growing information about the harmful effects cosmetic chemicals have on our health, many companies are marketing their products as ‘clean’ by replacing ingredients with ones that are better, but still toxic. When we say ‘clean,’ we mean it.”

Lawless Liquid Lipstick | SEAMAKERS & CO.