Natural and Organic Beauty Products | SeaMakers & Co.

SeaMakers & Co. is a place where you can gently dip your toe into living a simpler, more healthful and mindful life.

We Believe

We care just as much about what we put ON our bodies and what we bring into our home. We believe food and beauty and wellness are 100% interconnected, and that our everyday choices have a deep impact on how we look and feel. We know we’re not alone!

Plant Based Beauty

Our store carries a carefully curated collection of organic, plant-based beauty brands and a mix of sustainable fashion and home accessories, all made with love and integrity by US-based, small batch makers who are as passionate about making ‘clean’ products, as we are about sourcing and selling them.

Beauty, Health and Joy

We strive to be a place where making conscious shopping decisions are easy…where you never have to wonder if the product you’re buying is sustainable, chemical or cruelty-free, and where you can find the absolute best-in-class products that bring beauty, health and joy into your life and home.