San Diego Blogger, The Healthy Magpie, Highlights Organic Beauty Products

San Diego Blogger The Healthy Magpie

Ever wondered what its like to shop in our store? San Diego Blogger, The Healthy Magpie, wrote an amazing article on SeaMakers & Co. and the products we stock, highlighting our Organic Beauty Products! She is a Local San Diego Health and Beauty Blogger who focuses on natural products. She is faced with some health and skin problems, such as vitiligo, melasma and dark spots, and through her blog she talks about products that help reduce or even relieve them! So many people throughout the US are also faced with similar problems and through her blog she shares her point of view on natural products to encourage other to seek natural alternatives for healing.

We love hearing about customers experiences in our store and are thrilled with the reviews The Healthy Magpie gave our store and brands. Make sure to check out her article, and her whole blog filled with lovely natural product reviews!

The Healthy Magpie | Organic Beauty Products | SEAMAKERS & CO

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